Jane McGonigal is Keynote Speaker at Creativity Forum

Jane McGonigal is Keynote Speaker at Creativity Forum

Don’t miss your chance to see Jane McGonigal, a world-renowned designer of alternate reality games and author of SuperBetter, at Creativity Forum in San Francisco on March 10! In her presentation “The Power of a Gameful Mindset,” McGonigal will look at how we can help kids maximize the creativity-boosting skills they develop playing games and apply them in their everyday lives.

The average child born in the United States today will spend as much time playing digital games as they will in the classroom. And “gaming” begins early—think about all those apps on phones and tablets yours kids play with. Looking at the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, McGonigal will talk about how “gamers” can become creative, resilient, and empathetic problem solvers in real life.

Get your tickets to see McGonigal present at Creativity Forum, a thought leadership luncheon for educators, parents, researchers, and business leaders presented by the Bay Area Discovery Museum and Center for Childhood Creativity. Proceeds from Creativity Forum support the museum’s efforts to close the achievement gap before it begins and puts our mission into action by promoting creative thinking as a critical 21st century skill.

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