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STEM Workshops

Bring STEM to life for your students with our engaging workshops! Designed for Pre-K to third grade students and their teachers and caregivers, STEM Workshops are aligned to Preschool Learning Foundations, Common Core, and Next Generation Science Standards. Facilitated by our dynamic team of museum educators, STEM Workshops provide a playful, hands-on, multisensory exploration of STEM content while encouraging risk-taking, collaborative problem-solving, and creative thinking. Museum facilitators guide teachers and chaperones to help children make observations, express their thinking, and collaborate. Every student goes home with a coupon for discounted admission for a future museum visit.

STEM Workshop Topics

STEM Workshops include:

Explore the Shore (Grades K – 3)

Biologists investigate the animals and plants in the intertidal zone of Horseshoe Cove, the museum’s historic waterfront. NEW: Add on a 30-minute engineering challenge to design a creature with adaptive features that would help it thrive in this unique habitat (for an additional $50). Note: Explore the Shore takes place at the museum and cannot be adapted to the classroom.

Fairy Tale Engineering (Grades TK – 3)

Engineers engage directly with the design thinking process as they work collaboratively to solve problems for beloved fairy tale characters. Note: The STEM Intensive option for Fairy Tale Engineering includes a deeper exploration of the iterative design process.

Light and Shadow (Grades 1 – 2)

Designers gain a deeper knowledge of light and its ability to move through different materials by designing their own shadow puppets, using Surface Pros and laser cut materials in our new Fab Lab. Note: $100 materials fee applies. Light and Shadow takes place at the museum and cannot be adapted to the classroom; and it is only available on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Measurement and Me (Grades Pre-K – 1)

Mathematicians compare, contrast, count, and measure as they investigate how tall, long, wide, and heavy things are in the world around them.

Nature Studio (Grades Pre-K – TK)

Naturalists wonder and ask questions about the world around them. Through hands-on science and math activities, children investigate the properties and patterns found in nature and record their discoveries. 

Outdoor Learning Lab (Grades Pre-K – K)

Ecologists activate all their senses, engage in science inquiry processes, and build vocabulary in this child-directed, risk-friendly exploration of the outdoors. Activities include an investigation of the characteristics of soil, water, and clay—come prepared for messy play!

Push, Pull, Crash! (Grades Pre-K – 1)

Scientists experiment with push and pull to cause and avoid collisions, create art, and engage in exploration of the powers of force and friction. Note: The STEM Intensive option for Push, Pull, Crash! includes a deeper exploration of push, pull and friction with engineering and art integration.

Stretch It, Shape It, Grow It (Grades K – 3)

Neuroscientists learn about their amazing brains! Through story, movement, discussion, and creative activities, students learn how practice, taking risks, and making mistakes are important for tackling new challenges, from soccer practice to solving math problems.

Ten in My Toolbox (Grades K – 1)

Mathematicians engage with a rich variety of activities to strengthen their understanding of the composition and decomposition of the number 10. Note: The STEM Intensive option for Ten in My Toolbox includes further integration of math literature, art, and movement activities.

Think, Make, Try (Pre-K – TK)

Engineers engage directly with the design thinking process, as they work collaboratively and independently, to build and create designs and then make them even better!


STEM Workshops take place at the museum or in your classroom.

STEM Workshops at the Museum

Availability: Tuesday – Friday
Timing: 45-60 minute workshop and 2.5 hours of free exploration; 9:30 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Grade Levels: Preschool – 3rd grade
Group Size: Up to 30 students per session
Price per Session: $250 plus 1 complimentary adult for every 5 students; $9 per additional adult

STEM Workshops at Your School

Availability: Monday – Friday
Timing: 45-60 minute workshop during your school day
Grade Levels: TK – 3rd grade
Group Size: Up to 30 students per session (2 session minimum)
Price per Session: $250 (2 session minimum); additional mileage fee may apply to schools more than 25 miles away from museum; all adults are complimentary

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