A Low-Tech Coding Game for Kids (No Computer Needed)

A Screen-Free Coding Game for Young Kids

A Screen-Free Coding Game for Young Kids

Coding is all around us and a huge part of our world. Becoming fluent in technology is critical for today’s youth, and part of this includes being familiar with coding. Basic coding games can help children think through complicated challenges and practice flexible thinking skills.

Encourage your child’s interest in coding and creative problem solving with this low-tech coding game (Life-Size Coding) that requires only chalk, index cards, and markers—no screens required! In this partner activity, children take turns being a programmer and the computer as they play on a life-size game board. The programmer uses the basic language of coding to direct the computer player where to go. Not only is this game a fun intro to basic coding, it helps young kids develop collaboration and communication skills.

Full Instructions for Life-Size Coding Game

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