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Nature Potions

Your child will discover the magic of nature when they use found materials to create a unique magical potion.

Learning Goals:
  • Be Curious
  • Communicate Thinking
Materials Required:
  • Gathered natural materials (e.g. flowers, herbs, leaves, bark)
  • Water
  • Cups or bowls
  • Tools for mixing, chopping, and/or grating (e.g. spoons, whisks, scissors, mortar and pestle)
  • Head outside with your child to your yard, local park, or neighborhood to collect natural materials. Encourage your child to gather whatever is easy to find, such as grass, sticks, or flowers.
  • Work with your child to arrange the materials they’ve found. Have them touch, smell, and describe their materials.
  • Let your child make their magic potion by combining the natural materials they found with water. They can create one potion by combining all of their materials together in a large bowl of water, or multiple potions using small cups of water.
Tips for Adults:
  • Before creating their potion, ask your child to compare and contrast the various plants they find. Ask questions like, “What is the same about them?” “Does this flower feel like the other flower? Which one is softer?”
  • It’s important to encourage your child’s pretend play, well into the elementary school years. Spark their imagination by asking questions like, “What does your potion do? What would happen if I took two of your potions at the same time?”


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