STEM Superhero Series

Our 2018 season of STEM Superheroes is over.  Please visit us next year for our 2019 schedule of events.

Being a superhero has never been so much fun! At the Bay Area Discovery Museum’s STEM Superheroes Festival Series, creative activities that explore science, technology, engineering, and math will get all kids excited to become STEM Superheroes! During themed weekends in May and June, kids will try new things, learn new things, and best of all, have a great time!

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Why STEM Superheroes?
We know that when kids are curious, they get excited to learn more. During our unique, themed STEM Superheroes Festival Weekends, there are unlimited opportunities for kids to see something they’ve never seen or do something they’ve never done. They’re having fun, while learning more about the STEM in the world around us—including the STEM that they can do every day! Learn more about the origins of our STEM Superheroes festival.

Learn more about the origins of our STEM Superheroes festival.

STEM Superhero Schedule

New schedule available in 2019!


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