PBS KIDS Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: A Grr-ific Exhibit

From Here to There

How many ways are there to move through land, sea, and air? 

We all know about planes, trains, and automobiles, but have you ever imagined traveling by hovercraft? Or having to navigate a boat safely through changing water levels? From Here to There explores the science behind some of our most familiar modes of transportation, and introduces visitors to a new world of travel possibilities.

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Twelve different hands-on activities provide an engaging opportunity to learn about gravity, friction, and the laws of motion that keep us moving through the world around us:


Children are challenged to navigate a boat safely through changing water levels by successfully operating an authentic canal lock system.


Discover how the simplest machines can perform the most critical tasks! Using levers, buckets, and pulleys, children will load beads into a dump truck and move them around a construction site.

Set Sail

Harness the power of the wind! Children experiment to find the right rudder and sail positions that will allow them to glide sailboats through the water.


Sit down, strap in, and get ready to ride! A cushion of air propels an amazing hovercraft across the floor.

Up, Up, and Away

Can you make a hot air balloon soar? Children test out how different air temperatures will affect how high a hot air balloon flies.

Wing Thing

Wings are the most magical way to fly, but have you ever thought of the science behind them? Children will explore how air flow affects the movement of wings, then test out how they can make a wing hover in place or flutter through the air.


It might be hard to picture a train floating through the air, but with magnetic levitation, anything is possible. Come see the potential that magnetic forces have to change how we think of travel forever.

Air Tubes

What’s the fastest way to send a colored ball from one place to another? Air! Children will see how rushing air can send objects zooming through tubes that extend from one end of the room to the other.

Feel the Friction

Some things are meant to move through the air, while others are better suited to land. Children move objects of different weight across dirt, along train tracks, or through the water to determine what’s easiest.

Start Your Engines!

From cars and airplanes to lawnmowers and snow-blowers, machines power our lives. Getting a look at the mechanics will open children’s eyes to what’s happening inside some of their favorite machines.

All photos courtesy of the Sciencenter, Ithaca, NY.


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Water Ways

Earth Movers

Set Sail

Air Tubes