Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice is coming to BADM on May 25, 2019!

Travel back in time and bring dinosaurs to life for your child as you explore unfamiliar landscapes, don a dinosaur costume , and uncover clues about what these creatures left behind in our upcoming traveling exhibit, Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice.

In two different habitats and a field research station, explore what it was like during the Age of the Dinosaurs:

  • In the Land of Fire, touch and climb replicas of a Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops, crawl under a smoldering volcano, and feel what it was like to walk on the squishy forest floor.
  • In the Land of Ice, snap an unforgettable picture of your child with an Edmontosaurus dinosaur and visit the icy slide and cave.
  • In the Field Research Station, kids can unearth fossils in a big dig and create their own fossil rubbings.

Join us beginning May 25 for Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice to dive deeper into the extraordinary world of these larger-than-life creatures and spark your child’s interest in natural science!

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice is free for members and included in the price of admission.

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What can you expect at Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice?

Land of Fire

Present-day Montana, USA, used to be a hotbed for some of the most iconic dinosaurs. See what it was like nearly 70 million years ago through:

  • Touchable Dinosaurs – Touch and explore the familiar Tyrannosaurus rex and Triceratops that called this area home.
  • Animal Costumes – Become a part of the ecosystem by trying on costumes representing the animals that lived alongside dinosaurs.
  • Smoldering Volcano – Crawl underneath an oozing volcano and emerge in the Land of Ice.

Land of Ice

Dinosaurs, equipped for the cold, roamed the land of present-day Alaska. See what it was like nearly 70 million years ago through:

  • Touchable Dinosaurs – Climb into the nest of a Troodon and investigate the eggs it laid.
  • Icy Slide and Cave – Head down the slippery surface of an ice slide and make your way inside the cave to see the “Northern Lights” effect.
  • Food Chain Puzzle – See how dinosaurs relied on plants and other animals for sustenance through this interactive food chain game.

Field Research Station

Curious scientists learn more about the dinosaurs through hands-on, inquiry-driven activities, like:

  • The Big Dig – Uncover clues about dinosaurs by digging up and dusting off fossils.
  • Dinosaur Tactile Table – See what North America used to look like and recreate daily life with miniature dinosaurs.
  • Creativity Station – Combine science and art through fossil rubbings, partial tracings, and freehand drawing.

Dinosaurs: Land of Fire and Ice™ was created by Minnesota Children’s Museum.