National Engineers Week – Bay Area Discovery Museum

National Engineers Week at BADM

We’re celebrating National Engineer’s Week at the Bay Area Discovery Museum with hands-on programs designed to engage children in fun engineering challenges! We have an entire suite of programs that encourage children to use our unique three-step engineering design process, Think, Make, Try.

Throughout the week, kids will:

  • Think About the Problem
  • Make a Prototype
  • Try and Retry

From Toddler Pop-Up Programs to STEM Programs, to time spent in our Fab Lab, our programs show children that no matter what age they are, they can be an engineer! All of our programs scheduled this week help children develop design thinking skills through Think, Make, Try.


Tuesday, February 19 – Sunday, February 24

Toddler Pop-Up Program: Balls and Ramps
Toddlers and caregivers will see cause and effect relationships in action! They’ll work together to build ramps, and try them out by sending balls on test runs down them.

Toddler Pop-Up Program: Foam Builders
Toddlers and caregivers will design and build a foam block structures using shaving cream as cement and trowels.

STEM Program: Crash Testing
Children will design, test, and adjust safety features on a wooden car to see if an “egg” passenger would survive a crash down a ramp.

Pop-Up Program: Hexbug Mazes
Children will collaborate to design and build cardboard mazes, and will have the opportunity to test their design by sending a vibrating robot through the maze.

Saturday and Sunday, February 23-24*

STEM Program: Mechanic’s Garage
Kids experiment with the mechanisms that make engines move and go, then design and test out pistons that roll in the Fab Lab.

*In addition to all programs listed Tuesday – Sunday.

All Engineer’s Week programs and activities are included in the price of museum admission or free for BADM members.

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