Summer at BADM – Bay Area Discovery Museum

Summer at BADM

Summer at BADM

Your guide to summer fun at BADM!

Whether you’re planning for a family visit, school or camp field trip, or looking for community events, BADM has ways to keep the kids engaged all summer long!

For Parents and Caregivers
For Group Leaders and Teachers
First time visitor?
There's always something new to explore at BADM!

All programs, events, and activities are free for members and included in the price of museum admission.

For Kids 0-3

We offer high-quality, STEM and art programs and exhibits specifically designed for the youngest children.

Visit programs and exhibits designed for children ages 0-3:

For Kids 4+

Every program, exhibit, and outdoor space is an opportunity for older children to play and explore new ideas. Highlights include:

Visit programs and exhibits designed for children ages 4+:


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