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About Us

STEM and Creativity in Early Childhood at the Bay Area Discovery Museum

The Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) has been at the forefront of early childhood education for 25 years, welcoming millions of children, their families, and their teachers to our iconic site at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge on 7.5 acres of National Park land in Sausalito, CA. BADM is a nonprofit children’s museum with a mission to ignite and advance creative thinking for all children. We are the only museum in the United States that combines a research division, a laboratory preschool, and comprehensive programming at the intersection of creativity development and STEM education.

Creativity enables original thought and the ability to see solutions where others don’t, fundamental skills for a generation facing complex, interdisciplinary challenges in a rapidly changing world. We also know that creativity can be cultivated. Harnessing creativity at a young age, when brain development and plasticity is at its peak, maximizes a child’s potential.

STEM education is the best way to develop creativity and critical thinking skills, and STEM skills are essential in and of themselves to prepare children to thrive in a future economy driven by STEM fields. However, science, technology, and engineering are rarely taught well — if at all — in a child’s early years, and creativity skills are too often left out of our education system entirely.

BADM uniquely combines creativity and STEM in all of our programming, including museum programs, camps, classes, preschool curriculum, school visits, and community outreach. We’re transforming the outcomes for children and the implications for society by building fundamental creativity and STEM skills at an early age, which will change the way children learn and the way they contribute to the world.

Research Meets Practical Application Through Our Center for Childhood Creativity

BADM is uniquely positioned to combine research on how children learn best with practical application to deliver the best early childhood education. In 2011, we launched the Center for Childhood Creativity (CCC) as our research and advisory division, to bridge the gap between academic research in the fields of neuroscience, education, psychology, and creativity studies with the practitioners charged with raising a generation of future innovators.

The CCC provides the cutting-edge research framework behind the museum’s programming, creating a positive feedback loop: the museum’s programs are based on the CCC’s research frameworks, and the CCC accesses the museum’s audiences and programs to inform its research endeavors.

Our work is grounded in both research and best practices; we are committed to sharing our learning through digital dissemination of research and curriculum through national partnerships with libraries, science centers, other nonprofits, and corporations.


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