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Try It Truck

The Bay Area Discovery Museum’s Try It Truck is an engineering lab-on-wheels that travels directly to schools and learning environments in the Bay Area to provide hands-on early engineering experiences to children in Pre-K through fifth grade.

Try It Truck programming introduces children to the engineering design process and encourages children to take risks and try new ideas. Using a mixture of innovative technologies, like laser cutters and 3-D printers, and everyday tools and materials, children will engage their curiosity as they collaborate, experiment, and design solutions for engineering challenges.

Why Engineering?

The Bay Area Discovery Museum’s Try It Truck is on a mission to show educators and parents/caregivers throughout the Bay Area that hands-on engineering education can supercharge their child’s creative problem-solving potential.

If you know how to look for it, the positive impacts of engineering can be seen all around us. So let’s show children that engineering is a creative, fun, and rewarding process and mindset that is all about helping people and improving the things we use and experience everyday in the world.

Vehicle & Programming

The vehicle itself is a custom outfitted 12’ step van equipped with a multitude of high-technology tools, like a laser cutter and 3-D printer, and low technology tools and materials, such as cardboard, craft supplies, and hand tools.

Try It Truck offers a wide range of developmentally appropriate programs spanning from a single exploratory session to multiple day experiences. Plus, all programming aligns to Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards.

Book the Try It Truck

This spring, we are piloting Try It Truck programming in 10 Title 1 Bay Area schools, followed by piloting in Bay Area libraries in the summer.

Registration opens to all elementary school educators in the Bay Area starting August 14, 2017!

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