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Thank You!

BOLD: Spark Curiosity, Inspire Innovation

We want to thank our supporters for the successful completion of our recent capital campaign BOLD. With the incredible support of our community, we raised more than $19.1 million to reimagine our iconic exhibit spaces.

We are so grateful to all of the donors who made this possible. With your help, we have created one-of-kind environments that honor and elevate play-based learning for children. These experiences will shape cherished family memories for generations to come.

Over the coming months, we will be debuting four brand-new exhibits designed by architect Alan Maskin and his team at Olson Kundig, a Seattle-based architecture firm:

Exhibit updates are underway. The museum will remain open throughout.  

Thank you to our Philanthropy Leadership Circle Donors who have contributed $100,000 or more.

The Barret Family
The Benioff Family
The Bernard Osher Foundation
Tina and Joe Bou-Saba
Sapna and Brandon Boze
Chantal and Robert Byrne
California Cultural and Historical Endowment

Carrie and Mark Casey
Cello & Maudru Construction Company
John Dains
Pia DeLeon and William Chuang
Lauren and Matt Dillard
Dodge & Cox
The Elizabeth R. and William J. Patterson Foundation
The Faber Family
Suzanne and Elliott Felson Family
The Fisher Family
The Fiteny Family
Jane and Wyatt Gruber
Cynthia and John Gunn

Catherine and Robert Hale
Lesley Hathaway and Pablo Cagnoni
Hellman Foundation
The Hinze Chow Family
The Hyde-Schrumpf Family
Emily P. Johnson and Brad DeFoor
Koret Foundation
The Levchin Family
The L'Heureux Family
The Ma Family
Marin Community Foundation
The McCarthy Family
Betsy and Ed McDermott

The McGuire Family
Emily and Michael McKinnon
Vijay and Audrey Mohan
Anna and Mason Morfit
Susan and Bill Oberndorf
Aey Phanachet and Roger Evans
Rynn Pressick and Christian Sowul
Katie and James Rothschild
Judy and Ken Siebel
Diana and Steven Strandberg
Holly Tate and Scott Clark
William G. Irwin Charity Foundation

Thank you to our Patron Level Donors who have contributed $25,000 - $99,999.

Lily and David Allen-Hughes
The Beacock Family
John and Gretchen Berggruen
Caroline and Robin Brinckerhoff
Cathy and Sandy Dean
The Dewar Czegledy Family
The DiLullo Family

Samantha and Rameez Dossa
Nicole Elliott-Karvosky and Mark Karvosky
The Farron Family
The Flynn Family
Lauren and Jamie Ford
The Forster Family
The Fraser Family
Cigdem and Deniz Gencer
Fumiko and David Hoeft
The Hoybach Family
Leslie and George Hume

Hadley Mullin and Dan Kalafatas
The Goodson Klein Family
The Lowry Family
The Mobley Family
The Moment Family
Amanda and Peter Mortimer
Anna Nordberg and Brant Thompson
Katie and Matt Paige
The Peterson Family
The Read Family

Michael and Susan Schwartz
Matthew and Theresa Seiter
The Smart Family Fund
Jim and Stephanie Stafford
Rachel Templeton and Jamie Freundlich
The Traeger Family
Leigha and Eli Weinberg
Adrianne Yamaki and Richard Sanders
The Yat-Pang and Helina CMB Au Family

Thank you to our Community Donors who have contributed $1,000 - $24,999

Oliver and Eden Alferness
Chloe and Madeleine Allen
The Ashley Family
The Bailey Family
Leith Brooks Barry and Stewart Barry
The Barret Family
The Beischer Family
The Bou-Saba Family
The Brown Family
The Bunims and Jensens
The Carters
Carrie and Mark Casey
The Christodoulo Family
The Clark Family
The Collins Family
Holly and Michael Cuggino
Ainsley DeLong
Lauren and Matt Dillard
The Doner Family
In honor of Jerome and Norma Doolittle
The Euretig Family
Jennifer Cozzone and Abe Eustice
Jake Evans
The Faber Family

The Faraclas Family
The S and W Fisher Family
In honor of Karyn Flynn
The Flynn Family
The Galleno Family
The Gough Family
The Gruber Family
The Gumpert Family
Charlotte Haas Prime and Josh Prime
The Hale Family
Maurine and Philip Halperin
Lesley B. Hathaway and Pablo J. Cagnoni
In honor of Marie Himmelstein
The Hinze Chow Family
The Jain Family
The Jeske Family
Elaine and Benjamin Jun
The Kaltenbach Family
The Kazakova Mizrahi Family
The Kelly Family
The Kocher Family
Melissa and Jan Koerner
Iris and Uma Krieger
The Leader Family
The Leh Family

The MacKnight Family
Pamela and Ted Mao
The Marantz-Yip Family
Brandee Marckmann and William Mooney
Tanya and John Marston
The Martinez Family
The Aramie and Kevin McDonald Family
The McDermott Family
Melody and John McNulty
Stephen and Erin Meyer
The Miller-Coblentz Family
The Money Family
Maryam and Oran Muduroglu
The Murray Jurich Family
The Nichol Family
Melissa Norris and Jamesbeck.
The Novotny Family
The Oswald Family
The Pearson Family
Scott Pearson and Diana Farrell
The Perlitz Family
Sabrina and Timothy Persson
Rynn Pressick and Christian Sowul
The Portnoy Family

The Reuter Family
The Chris Danne and Heather Robertson Family
The Ross Preschool
R,R,S and C Rutledge
The Sela Family
Karine and Tanguy Serra
The Spokes Family
Jenny and Will Stegall
The Supawanich Family
The Tartakovsky Family
Lindsay Mason Thor
Sara and Scott Thomas
Anita Demas and Robert Thompson
William Pabst Thor
Stephen and Alexandra van Helden
The Van Voris Family
Linda and Gary Vause
Vintner's Daughter
The Vix Family
Susan and Sam Warburg
The Willson Family
Trevor and Michelle Wilson
Ed and Yvonne Parish
The Lin-Wills Family
Diane B. Wilsey
Zuzu Ziemann

Thank you to our Donors who have contributed under $1,000

Madeline Alas
Jon Allbin
Jennifer Azzi
Michele Badalamenti
Teddy Barrett
Julie Bartholomew
Erica Bell
Kasandra Blakely
Patty Blum and Harry Chotiner
Debbie Bromley
Mark Casey
Gina Catelli
Sally Chapin
Lauren Charshaf
Linda and Joseph Chong
Melissa Clark
Fiona Clements
Megan Clifton
Scott Cline
Sara Cole
Paula Collins
Mackenzie and Jim Connelly"
Karen A. Cook and George Ford
Nicole Corbett
Caitlin Cosme
Peyton Cutler and Thomas Cutler
Krista Dahl Kusuma

Aislinn De Leon
Catherine McDermott
Hrishikesh Desai
Anne-Marie Devine-Tasto
Pema Dhuktso
Taylor DiDominicis
Kelly and Adam Dwinells
Jenny Echeagaray
Julie Erickson
Rachel Euretig
Chase Reynolds Ewald and Charles Ewald
Josh Fox
Rachel Gabbay
Evan Gibson
Dan and Ann Gladding
Greg Gsell
Christopher Hale
Anne Halkedis
Nicolle Hamilton
Judy Harmatz
Kristina Harrison
Ryan Haworth
Kelly Henry
Susan Ho
Rebecca Hooper
Spencer Hugret
Judy and Tom Hyde
Laurie and Jim Hyman

Doug Jeffery
Brian Jolda
Anne Jorgens
Olivera Jovanovic
Robert Kaufman
Alicia and Tom Klein
Michelle Kohm
Claire-Marie Laidley
David Lewis
Lidiya Lukashova
Erin Maher
Aracelle O'Mahony
On behalf of Mark Marsella
Robin Marich
Varun and Rashmi Marya
Brian Mead
Andrew Mellon
Will Miller
Rachel Miller
Liz Miracle
Jordyn Morelock
Vivian Nguyen
Marcellina Ogbu
Megan Oppedal
John Park
Bethany Patten and Ken Neal
Tamin and Nikki Pechet
Abbey Phalen

Carter Phelps
Nicole and Wade Pitts
Nicholas Pothong
Aaron Price
Kyra Purvis
Lindsey Rice
Jodi Riviera
John Romanos
Alix Rosenthal
The Russell Family
Julia Russell
Luis Salinas
Christopher Schaefer
Maggie and Brian Sedar
Ashley Seefeld
Nat Sillin
Katie Sinaikin
Erin Skiffer
Sharon Smuckler
Susan Spence
Tipping Structural Engineers
Nidia Torres and Jason Dong
In honor of Lacey Traeger
Lauren Walter
Kristin Lewis Wilson
Henry Yeung
Alec De Zegher
Susan Zolezzi

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