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The Bay Area’s current Shelter-in-Place order is affecting everyone in our community, in particular families who don’t currently have access to school classrooms, day care, or gatherings with friends at local parks and museums.

To help you navigate this time, we are Bringing BADM to You! Our ‘Bringing BADM to You’ series is full of fun, engaging learning experiences that you can enjoy as a family. Explore three different themes designed to develop skills that are important to children’s success both in school and in life:

  • Science & Math
  • Body & Brain
  • Talk & Play

Within each theme, you’ll find both step-by-step videos and activities with written-out instructions, so you can choose what’s best for your child or learning environment. And just like all of the programs and exhibits you enjoy at BADM, each activity is research-backed and designed so children will also achieve one or more of BADM’s seven learning goals.

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Hear more from one of BADM’s program coordinators, Jack Kastrop:

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Science & Math

When children explore and learn through science, they build complex thinking skills they will need throughout life. And children who understand math concepts like shapes, patterns and quantity grow into middle school students who are strong at both math AND reading. Seeing and talking about science and math in everyday life helps build this understanding.

Make Your Own Flarp

Light and Shadow


Body & Brain

Planning, self-control, and attention are skills that children develop through practice and experience. Children who show strong early development of these skills are more likely to do well in school. However, stress and hardship make it difficult for the brain to learn and grow. Consistency in adult behavior helps children understand they can trust the people and things in the world around them, making it safe for them flourish.

Walk the Talk


Talk & Play

Children build vocabulary and social skills through play. Adults can boost this through the conversations we have (even if children can’t answer verbally yet!), the questions we ask, and the variety of experiences we provide them.

Cardboard Box Adventures

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Bay Area Discovery Museum is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing children with research-backed early learning experiences that inspire creative problem solving. We need your help now more than ever.

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