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Everyday Body & Brain Tips

There are plenty of opportunities for your child to plan, organize, and focus; you just have to look for them!  Use these tips to turn everyday moments into moments that help your child build these valuable skills.

Involve Children in the Process
Build children’s decision-making skills by involving them in the process. For example, ask them to help set the day’s schedule. "Do you want to work on writing your letters before or after lunch today?"

Model Behaviors
Show children how to respond to their body’s needs by modeling the behavior yourself. You might say, "My stomach is growling. I think I need a snack." Or, "I’m grumpy because I didn’t sleep well last night. I think I need to go to bed early."

Give Children Responsibility
Give children a specific, special responsibility to help them with self-control and focus. "You are the big kid here, so I am putting you in charge of setting the table for dinner all by yourself."

Give One Clear Direction at a Time
With a 2-year-old, you might say, "Please go get your alphabet coloring book." By preschool, children can follow two steps, "Please go get your alphabet coloring book. Then get your crayons from the table."

Let Them Decide
Think about 2-3 choices that you feel comfortable turning over to your child, like what they wear or which night of the week is pizza night. When children are able to make their own decisions, it builds independence and confidence, which are important for long-term success.

Check-In with Yourself
Children can tell when their parents are feeling stressed, so take care of yourself too! Instead of trying to hide the feelings from your child, involve them in your self-care. Take naps or practice deep breathing together. These types of activities can relieve stress for you and your child.

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