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Fort Building

If your child needs some space of their own right now, a cozy fort is the perfect solution! Follow along with School and Community Programs Educator Alex Astras as she demonstrates how to use household items—and a lot of creativity—to construct a fun and comfy hideout!

Learning Goals

  • Come Up with Ideas and Try Them Out
  • Take Risks and Persist Through Challenge

Materials Needed

  • Pillows
  • Blankets or sheets
  • Books or other heavy items
  • Pen/pencil and paper to plan your design

Tips for Adults

  • If your child is getting frustrated, encourage them to learn from what’s not working. Ask questions like:
    • “What do you think we can do differently to keep the fort from falling down?”
    • “What materials could we use to attach these two parts of the fort together?”
  • Encourage your child to write, draw, or tell you about their plan for their fort, even if they don’t follow it exactly. Making and following a plan builds executive function skills, which are key to success in school and in life!
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