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A Month of Headlines

Test the limits of your creativity by imagining 31 different newspaper headlines to go with one photo! Encourage your child to express their silly side by thinking beyond the obvious explanation for what’s happening in the picture.

Learning Goals

  • Make Thoughtful Decisions
  • Communicate Thinking

Materials Required

  • A picture of your choosing, such as an old family photo or photo from a magazine or website
  • Blank paper to write out headlines


  • Show your child the photo you’ve picked and have them write a catchy headline that could describe what’s happening.
  • Encourage them to continue to look at the photo in different ways and write 30 more unique headlines for the photo.
  • This activity can be completed all in one sitting, or your child can write one headline each day for a month.

Tips for Adults

  • This activity will work best with photo that open to many different interpretations, so try to select a photo that allows for flexibility.
  • If 31 seems too daunting, start with “A Week of Headlines” instead. Writing seven headlines instead of 31 works well as a warm-up, and is a good option for younger children.
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