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Still Life Drawing

Sometimes we miss the beauty of everyday objects, but thinking of these items as works of art helps us see them with new eyes! In this video, Marie Himmelstein, BADM’s Art Programs Senior Coordinator, demonstrates how simple it is to create a still life drawing of objects from around the house.

Learning Goals

  • Make Thoughtful Decisions
  • Build STEM Knowledge

Materials Needed

  • Paper
  • A drawing tool, such as a pencil, colored pencil, marker, etc.
  • Objects from around the house, such as a toy, piece of fruit, book, etc.

For Young Children

  • This activity can be challenging for younger children since they are still developing their fine motor skills, to adapt this activity for them:
    • Practice tracing the objects instead of drawing them freehand.
    • Use or Playdough to create a 3D model of the object instead.

Tips for Adults

  • Before your child begins drawing, prompt them to describe the objects to you. Ask them to be specific about the colors, shapes, and textures of the items. Making detailed observation is an important science process skill that children can begin to develop at a young age.
  • Praise your child’s process, instead of their end product. Be specific in your praise by telling your child what you notice about their work, or asking them to describe what they’re doing out loud.
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