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Walk the Talk

Walk the Talk

When children have limited social interaction, it's harder for them to take on the perspective of others, which is an important way children build empathy. This activity introduces a creative way to get children to put themselves in another’s “shoes.”

Scope of Activity

  • For ages 2-10
  • For two or more participants

Materials Required

  • No materials needed!


  1. Ask children to come up with a list of at least three animals that walk or run. For example, a caterpillar, a crab, and a giraffe.
  2. Invite children to move across the room as each of those three animals.
  3. When all children have had a turn acting like each animal, spend some time reflecting as a group. Consider asking these questions:
      • How did you move your body differently to match each animal’s movement?
      • How does crossing the room like this make you think differently?
      • What about the animal’s walk was different from the way you normally walk?
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