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Bringing BADM to You: Science and Math

Science and math are all around us! When children explore and learn through science, they build complex thinking skills they need throughout life. And children who understand math concepts like shapes, patterns and quantity grow into middle school students who are strong at both math AND reading.

Everyday Tips

Use these tips to help your child see and talk about the science and math in everyday life and which builds an understanding of these topics.

Science and Math Activities

Bridge Builders

Cotton Catapult

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Fairytale Engineering

Ice Cold Chemistry

Light and Shadow

Float and Sink

Ice Exploration

Make Your Own Flarp

Flower Dissection

Indoor Technology Scavenger Hunt

One Foot Wonders

Pulley Playtime

Shake, Rattle, & Roll

Raft Design

Stack it Up

Roller Coaster Mazes

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