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Make Your Own Flarp

It looks like we will all be inside more than usual for a little while. What better way to lighten the mood than with some messy fun? Making Flarp from scratch is an ooey-gooey activity that the whole family can enjoy! Plus it creates a sensory material that offers hours of ongoing play!

Learning Goal: Communicate Thinking and Come Up with Ideas and Try Them Out
Tip for Adults: As you are making the Flarp, ask children questions such as:
  • Why do you think it has to be hot water here? What do you think would happen if you used cold water instead?
  • Describe what you notice about how the materials change when you mix them together. What do you predict will happen to them in the end?
  • Why do you think measuring the ingredients is important when making Flarp?
When you are done with the Flarp, try these experiments:
  • Describe how the Flarp feels in your hands.
  • How many different things can you do with your Flarp? How far can you stretch it before it breaks?
  • Try taking a penny and pressing it into the Flarp? How long does it take the impression of the penny to disappear?
  • How many different shapes can you make with your Flarp?
  • Can you get your Flarp to bounce? How high? What shapes bounce the best?
Scope of Activity:
  • For all ages
  • For one or more participants
  • White or clear glue – 2 cups
  • Hot water – 1.5 cups
  • Cold water – 7.8 cups
  • Borax soap -- .5 T
  • Can be found at the grocery store or ordered online
  • Liquid watercolor or food coloring as needed
  • Glitter (optional) for fun
  1. In a large container combine glue, cold water, coloring, and glitter if using. Mix completely.
  2. In a separate container combine borax and hot water. Stir slowly until borax is completely dissolved.
  3. Checking the consistency as you go, slowly pour the dissolved borax into the glue mixture.
    • Too sticky? Add more dissolved borax to the glue mixture. Still too sticky? Add more borax to the hot water to concentrate the mixture even more. Then slowly add to the glue mixture.
    • Too solid? Add more glue and more water.
  1. Do the final test. Place a dry hand into the flarp. If your hand comes out without flarp stuck to it, you did it!
  2. Play!

*Store flarp in an airtight container for future use.

*Use white vinegar to remove flarp from clothes and hair.

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