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Flower Dissection

Flower Dissection

Ever wondered what’s inside a flower? Investigate the different parts of a flower by using the powers of scientific observation to discover the hidden wonders of plants.

Learning Goals

  • Be Curious
  • Communicate Thinking
  • Build STEM Knowledge

Materials Needed

  • Different types of flowers
  • Writing utensil
  • Paper
  • Scissors or tweezers (optional)


  • Choose one or more flowers to dissect. Dissect means to take something apart.
  • Encourage children to observe the flower before they start dissecting and ask them about what they notice.
  • Take apart each piece of the flower and start to identify its name, and if possible, function.
  • Observe, dissect, and repeat!

Tips for Adults

  • Narrate what you notice children are doing or paying special attention to. This could also be an
    opportunity to introduce new vocabulary.  Try saying things like:

    • "You just tore apart the petal."
    • "Dissect. Have you heard that word before? What do you think it means?"
    • With younger children, count together: “I wonder how many leaves we can count on
      this flower.”
  • Try asking extended questions like:
    • How do the different parts of the flower compare with each other? How are they
    • If dissecting more than one flower: What similarities between these flowers did you notice? What do they have in common? What differences did you notice?
  • For an extended activity, use the petals of your flower to make creative petal mandalas! Follow
    the link for helpful instructions: Petal Mandalas Activity.

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