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Light and Shadow

Light and Shadow

Exploring shadows is a great way to introduce children to the science concept of cause and effect! In the video below, BADM’s very own Alex Astras demonstrates how different types of objects make different shadows, then invites children to use what they’ve learned about shadows to create their very own hand puppet theater show!

Learning Goal

  • Build STEM Learning

Tips for Adults

  • Prompt children to practice their hand puppets along with the video, and then try their own experiments with different opaque and translucent objects. Encourage them to use this new vocabulary when describing objects around the house.
  • As your child continues to explore on their own, keep asking them questions like: What do you notice about the shadows when you try different objects? What happens when you move the objects closer or farther from the light?

Materials Needed

  • Flashlight, a variety of objects (opaque and translucent)

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