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Bringing BADM to You: Talk & Play

Your child builds vocabulary and social skills through play. These tips and activities help you boost these skills through the conversations you have with them (even if children can’t answer yet!),  the questions you ask, and the variety of experiences you provide.

Everyday Tips

There is more time than ever for you and your child to communicate—both verbally and non-verbally—throughout the day. Try these tips help you make those interactions more meaningful and fun!

Ask a Lot of Questions
Children are known for asking lots of questions, take your turn! Ask babies questions, and pause to let them respond, even if it’s non-verbally. For older children, ask them to predict what will happen next in a story before and how they arrived at their guess.

Name Emotions
Your child may be experiencing some complicated feelings, and it’s important to recognize their emotions without judgment. You can say something like, "I can see that you crumpled up your paper. You must be frustrated. That’s ok! Let’s take a break and come back to the project later."


Talk & Play Activities

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