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Super Sorters

Sorting household items based on common characteristics is a way that even the youngest learners can develop STEM thinking skills. Connections Coordinator Nina Gonzalez shows you how to find creative ways to categorize the items you see and use every day!

Learning Goals:

  • Make thoughtful decisions

Materials Needed:

  • A marker for labeling containers
  • Different containers to sort items in, such as plastic bins, coffee canisters, mason jars, or cardboard boxes.
  • Different materials to sort, such as natural materials, fruits and vegetables, toys, recyclables, or other items from around the house.

Tips for Adults:

  • While younger children might choose to categorize based on obvious physical characteristics, like color, older children can be challenged in a different way. For example, age up the activity by asking children to sort into categories based on the items’ texture.
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