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Petal Mandalas

Bring the outdoors inside with this activity! Your child will use natural materials and other colorful items to create mandalas and other unique patterns.

Learning Goals:
  • Be Curious
  • Come Up with Ideas and Try Them Out
  • Build STEM Knowledge
Materials Required:
  • White construction paper cut into a large circle
  • A sticky material, like glue, glue sticks, contact paper or tape
  • Collected natural materials, such as flower petals, blades of grass, and leaves
  • Other colorful craft materials, such as construction paper, tissue paper, ribbon, or wrapping paper
  • Find examples of mandalas online or in a book, and explain to your child that mandala is a Sanskrit word meaning “circle,” and that it usually refers to a geometric image.
  • Prompt your child to create a pattern or design on their construction paper circle using the petals, grass, and other materials you’ve collected.
  • Once they have their pattern the way they want it, use the glue, tape, or contact paper to secure the materials to the paper. Younger children might have an easier time using glue sticks, or simply making a changeable pattern using heavier items that don’t have to be secured to the paper.
Tips for Adults:
  • Collecting the natural materials for this activity is part of the fun! Head outside to your yard, neighborhood, or a local park. As you safely explore, encourage your child to share what they see, smell, hear, or feel in the world around them.
  • Encourage your child to rearrange the materials into multiple patterns before choosing one to secure to the paper. Swapping one material for another or rearranging items demonstrates flexibility and creative thinking.

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