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Texture Trail

Create a pathway for your baby to explore using a variety of materials with different textures!

Learning Goals:

  • Be Curious

Materials Required:

  • Pieces of recycled, baby-safe materials (e.g. bubble wrap or cardboard)
  • Scraps of a variety of types of cloth (e.g. silk, corduroy, velvet, cotton)
  • Tape
  • Scissors


  • Gather your materials, and cut the recycled materials and fabric scraps as desired
  • Tape your materials to the floor to create a pathway
  • Set your baby down and let them explore! Describe the various textures out loud. For example, “You are touching the silk! Silk has a soft or slippery feel.”

 Tips for Adults:

  • Get older siblings involved by asking them to help you choose the materials and design the pathway.
  • Narrate what your baby is doing at each step. For example, “You noticed that the path turned to the side. You are touching the bubble wrap with your hands and your feet.” Pause to let them respond, even if it is non-verbal, and acknowledge their response.


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