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The Bay Area Discovery Museum offers Discovery Camps throughout the year, as well as multi-part classes for child and caregiver on various topics. Our camps and classes provide child-directed, inquiry driven learning through project-based, hands-on activities designed to boost creativity, STEM skills, and critical thinking.

School Holiday Camps

New horizons for discovery ahead! Explore the extraordinary with nature, art and science-themed programming designed to inspire creativity and wonder for 4-6 year olds.

Summer Discovery Camps

Campers will have a blast with two weeks of robust programming that provides the perfect blend of BADM's exhibits and the surrounding National Park, Fort Baker.

Birthday Parties

Make your child’s next birthday party an extra special day full of discovery, joyful play and meaningful memories under the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Discover Together

Discover Together is Bay Area Discovery Museum’s toddler and caregiver exploration program. Join other families to explore fun materials and engage in creative activities in an age-appropriate environment that reflects the approach of Bay Area Discovery Museum’s on-site preschool.

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