Preschool Camps

Our preschool camps runs through Week 1 - 11 (June 3 to August 12). Choose between two themes, Messy Art and Scientific Inquiry. Campers must be 3 by June 3, 2019 to register.

BADM offers one of the few licensed preschool camps operating in the Bay Area. Housed in BADM's on-site preschool, our preschool camps are licensed through the California Department of Social Services. All of our camp teachers are trained in early childhood education, in accordance with licensing regulations.

Messy Art

There’s nothing better to a child then permission to get messy, and that’s what this camp is all about! Preschool campers will explore the world around them in a hands-on way through sensory art activities like finger painting, sculptures, murals, and more.

Offered Weeks 1 - 11

Scientific Inquiry

Potions, experiments, and explosions are just some of the fun of this camp. Preschoolers will make predictions during sink-or-float experiments, and practice their observation skills during baking soda and vinegar reactions! Practicing the scientific process has never been more playful.

Offered Weeks 1 - 11