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As California’s only museum-based preschool, The Discovery School (TDS) at the Bay Area Discovery Museum is a unique environment for children to learn and grow. Our program focuses on developing children’s creative problem-solving skills through an innovative, STEM-rich practice that responds to children’s unique curiosities, questions, and interests. Our talented teachers follow an emergent curriculum that is rooted in research on children’s development and learning. Inspired by the preschools of Reggio Emilia, Italy, TDS’s approach to learning honors and respects children and their capability.

TDS leverages all of the unique aspects of BADM and its many resources—including its museum location, national park setting, and collaboration with BADM’s research division—to foster children’s natural curiosity. Through original, child-directed projects and open-ended exploration, we introduce children to the knowledge and approaches to learning they’ll need to thrive both in school and as lifelong creative problem solvers. Watch the video below to see TDS is action.

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TDS is still taking applications for the 2020 - 21 school year.

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Have questions? Get in touch, and our Head of School, Michelle Barreras.


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The Discovery School is licensed as a childcare center by the State of California. All of our teachers are fully qualified, and students enjoy a low staff-to-child ratio.

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