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Our Approach

TDS is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to learning, and is built on a foundation that respects children and their capability.


Through its innovative, research-backed practice, TDS seeks to advance the field of early childhood education, demonstrating how research on creativity development can be applied in a preschool classroom. Backed by research from BADM’s in-house research division, TDS’s curriculum provides experiences that support the development of language and literacy, opportunities to explore the arts, and models of age-appropriate science, math, and engineering learning as well as thoughtful integration of technology to enhance children’s engagement, social interaction, and creativity.

Documentation and Reflection

Throughout the TDS school year, educators maintain thorough and reflective documentation which guides their planning and assessment. This practice ensures that the learning that happens within the classroom can be made visible to everyone. Parents and families are necessarily included in the documentation process, and bi-monthly reflections become part of an ongoing conversation between parents, children, teachers, and peers.

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