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Every experience offered by the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM), from our Art and STEM programs, to our seven featured exhibits, is backed by early learning research on how children learn best.

BADM’s Research, Evaluation, and Innovation (REI) department leads the museum’s efforts to translate this research into our daily visitor experience by supporting staff from every department at BADM to incorporate the latest early learning research into their own work. This includes BADM's exhibits, program development, visitor signage, grant writing, marketing materials, and more.

BADM is also committed to sharing the knowledge, expertise, and resources we implement on-site with a variety of engaged audiences, including parents and caregivers, educators, media, and local and national industry peers. This is includes publishing resources that distill relevant research findings into actionable tips and recommendations.

Through efforts at the museum, in the local community, and throughout the country, BADM is dedicated to sharing research-backed findings to ensure that all adults have the knowledge, confidence, and resources they need to raise 21st children.

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