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Every experience offered by the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM), from our Art and STEM programs, to our seven featured exhibits, is backed by early learning research on how children learn best.

Through efforts at the museum, in the local community, and throughout the country, BADM is dedicated to sharing research-backed findings to ensure that all adults have the knowledge, confidence, and resources they need to raise 21st children.

Educator Resources

Welcome educators! On these pages, you'll find research-backed activities, lesson guides, and more resources designed specifically for educators in formal and informal settings. We hope you find them helpful. Please feel free to share any comments or suggestions with us by emailing

Parent Resources

Need an idea for a rainy day science project or advice on introducing technology to young children? BADM’s array of research-backed resources, from activity videos to parent guides, bring a taste of the BADM experience into your home.

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