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This 4-part series of webinars, offered through Infopeople, was created to introduce librarians to the research, practical implications, and resources offered in the toolkit.

Please note that the Toolkit resources have been updated and expanded since the creation of these webinars. Although the specific toolkit references may differ, the research-backed tips and content remain relevant.

Part 1: Growth Mindset

Research shows that beliefs about intelligence and ability impact one’s performance and response to failure. Watch this webinar to learn more about what research says, how to examine and change your own mindset, and what you can do to help support children’s growth mindset and persistence through challenge.

School Readiness Webinar Series, Part 1: Growth Mindset from Infopeople on Vimeo.

Part 2: Re-imagining School Readiness: Key Findings from Research

Do you wonder what research really says about how to support school readiness? Based on a comprehensive review of cognitive and developmental psychology, the key findings in Re-imagining School Readiness aim to surface the skills and conditions that matter most for a child’s success in school and life, and to guide educators and others (including families) in designing learning experiences and environments to support this development.

School Readiness Webinar Series, Part 2: Re-imagining School Readiness: Key Findings from Research7-19_school_readiness from Infopeople on Vimeo.

Part 3: Re-imagining School Readiness: Practical Implications from Research

How can research findings impact early learning experiences directly? During this webinar, practical tips and implementation strategies were discussed that are aimed at making the research on school readiness actionable for library staff.

School Readiness Webinar Series, Part 3: Re-imagining School Readiness: Practical Implications from Research from Infopeople on Vimeo.

Part 4: Overview of the School Readiness Toolkit

This webinar provides a brief overview of the different components of the toolkit and how to make the most of the resources provided.

School Readiness Webinar Series Pt 4 – Overview of the School Readiness Toolkit from Infopeople on Vimeo.

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