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7 Instagram Photo-Ops You Don’t Want to Miss

Every visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) is a chance for you to capture your child experiencing the fun and creative learning that happens throughout the site. We know how enjoyable it is to document and share all of the fun-filled moments and engaging exploration that your child experiences on our campus, and we love to see and share your adventures at BADM. Tag and follow us using @bayareadiscoverymuseum 

Read on to learn more about the seven most Instagram-friendly spots on the BADM site – and what your child is learning while they’re posing! 

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1. Obstacle Course Finish Line 

As you enter BADM you’ll be given the chance to interact with our obstacle course. Balance, run, crawl and maneuver through all of the obstacles to reach the finish line. This physical activity builds gross motor skills, which are linked to better social-emotional adjustment and positive health outcomes. Plus, reaching the finish line and ringing the bell gives them a great sense of accomplishment and provides you with a picturesque moment with the Golden Gate Bridge as your backdrop. 

2. Mud Kitchen

Experiment and get messy! Children learn through sensory experiences, and working with messy materials supports multisensory exploration in a fun way. In this outdoor area, mud can become a cupcake or soup and through this imaginative play, children are building cognitive flexibility – linked to future creativity. Throw hesitation aside and create a messy photo moment! 

3. Art Studios

The black and white designs on the coloring walls of BADM’s Art Studios easily lend themselves to stunning visuals – and creative conversations! As you’re snapping a shot of your child’s masterpiece, ask them questions about their artistic process. When they explain why they picked a certain color to use they’re also showing off their developing reasoning, communication, and decision-making skills. For little ones, practice gripping a marker supports the development of fine motor skills. 

Mud Kitchen

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4. The Crow’s Nest

Conquering BADM’s most popular climbing structure is a feat to be recognized, but it’s worth celebrating even if your child doesn’t make it all the way up. Encourage your child to see failure as a learning opportunity, rather than as a stopping point, building a growth mindset by acknowledging that they haven’t made it to the top - “yet.” With another opportunity to capture the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, a picture of your child attempting the Crow’s Nest is too good not to post. 

5. Fishing Boat ‘Faith’ 

Children have an inherent need to understand the world. This drive leads them to explore all the nooks and crannies of our life-sized boat, which was a fully functional vessel in its life before BADM! With curiosity as their guide, children become captains on the upper deck, or strike a pose behind the steering wheel. Encourage their new interests by asking questions, sharing knowledge, and, of course, getting the perfect shot! 

BADM Hello-1

6. Satterlee Way

Make some music at the instrument walk, create some magic in the bubble garden, or design a rollercoaster with our balls and ramps activity.  This area of the Museum has many opportunities for positive caregiver-child interaction.  Communication through shared experiences, language, and discovery influences your child’s growth and helps them thrive. 

7. Wingding Sculpture and Stump Trail

Towards the back of our campus are great Insta-worthy areas to run and explore.  Your little ones can climb up and down the stump trail and crawl through the huge stump. Next, play a game of hide and seek together as you weave through the willow sculptures created by Patrick Dougherty.  Similar to climbing The Crow’s Nest, as they are moving their body, they are taking age-appropriate risks that presents opportunities to help build confidence and make smart decisions in the future

The next time your child strikes the perfect pose and you pull out your camera, you’ll be able to see the creative learning that’s happening in the photo as well!  

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