The Seven BADM Instagram Photo-Ops You Don’t Want to Miss – Bay Area Discovery Museum

7 Instagram Photo-Ops You Don’t Want to Miss

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Each visit to the Bay Area Discovery Museum (BADM) is a chance for you to capture your child experiencing the fun and creative learning that happens throughout the site. We completely understand the desire to document and share all of the moments of fun, engaging exploration that your child experiences at BADM. We do it too! Tag and follow us using @bayareadiscoverymuseum.

Read on to learn more about the seven most Instagram-friendly spots on the BADM site – and what your child is learning while they’re posing!

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1. Art Studios

Fun, hands-on projects in BADM’s Art Studios easily lend themselves to stunning visuals – and creative conversations! As you’re snapping a shot of your child’s masterpiece, ask them questions about their artistic process. When they explain why they picked a certain color to use on the painting wall or what they liked about the program in Studio C, they’re also showing off their developing reasoning, communication, and decision-making skills.

2. Imagination Playground

There’s no wrong way to build with our big blue blocks! Children can plan, design, and build as many different structures as they like, using oversized balls, hinges, blocks, noodles, and chutes. Open-ended activities like this encourage children to express their creativity, and when they pose proudly by their favorite creation, it’s a memory worth capturing.

3. Golden Gate Bridge to Nowhere

BADM’s Golden Gate Bridge replica may seem incomplete, but that’s no flaw in the design. It’s an invitation for budding engineers and innovators to think about the process it takes to create something new! What do you do if something doesn’t work out as expected? How can you adjust your plan along the way? Sometimes, the most unexpected ideas turn out to be the best; besides being an iconic spot for a photo shoot, BADM’s very own Golden Gate Bridge is a reminder of that.

Photo by @hayleyhatch via Instagram.
Photo by @hayleyhatch via Instagram.

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4. The Crow’s Nest

Conquering BADM’s most popular climbing structure is a feat to be recognized, but it’s worth celebrating even if your child doesn’t make it all the way up. Encourage your child to see failure as a learning opportunity, rather than as a stopping point. With a view of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background, a picture of your child attempting the Crow’s Nest is too good not to post.

5. The Tot Spot Stream

The multi-level rock stream at Tot Spot is a popular gathering place for little ones. Exploring this space side-by-side or working together to share props and toys is an important way that our youngest visitors can build social-emotional skills. As an adult, you can take the opportunity to capture the look of wonder on your toddler’s face, or to memorialize the moment they make a new friend.


6. Lookout Cove Boat

Children have an inherent need to understand the world. This drive leads them to explore all the nooks and crannies of our life-sized boat, which was a fully functional vessel in its life before BADM! With their curiosity as their guide, children become captains on the upper deck, or strike a pose behind the steering wheel. Encourage their new interests by asking questions, sharing knowledge, and, of course, getting the perfect shot!

7. Discovery Hall

BADM’s traveling exhibits—housed in Discovery Hall—are a way for children to explore how science, technology, engineering, and math can be used creatively in their everyday lives, and to discover interests in new topics that will encourage their love of learning. Each time a new exhibit opens, the space transforms. You never know what picture you’ll get – but it’s always worth sharing!

The next time your child strikes the perfect pose and you pull out your camera, you’ll be able to see the creative learning that’s happening in the photo as well!

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