Think, Make, Try – Bay Area Discovery Museum

Think, Make, Try® Toolkit

Think, Make, Try® is the Bay Area Discovery Museum's unique three-step engineering design process designed for young learners. The process builds upon a child’s natural curiosities and introduces the engineering design process as a way to support the development of creativity, critical thinking and collaboration. 

The Think, Make, Try® Toolkit was created for educators and caregivers working with young children ages 3 to 8 years. This is not a curriculum, but a set of individual resources you can use to support the development of important cognitive skills. This Toolkit is completely downloadable and printable, including Spanish and Chinese versions of child-facing resources.

Think, Make, Try® Process

Children can use Think, Make, Try®to solve creative challenges, test out new ideas, and arrive at innovative solutions. Each step of the process is distinct, and they occur in an ongoing cycle:



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