Art Studios – Bay Area Discovery Museum

Art Studios

The Art Studios features endless ways for children to have fun, try something new, get messy, and explore creativity! This exhibit space, open all day, offers children the chance to try out a wide range of hands-on art activities. Explore the Art Studio's current offerings:


Zen Coloring Book

Step into our coloring book! Kids can color on the walls and enlighten their artistic skills in the Zen Coloring Book.


Under the Sea Coloring Book

The sea is calling! Kids can be a part of an underwater adventure and color the sea creatures on the glass or walls.

The Art Studios are included in the price of admission. Advanced tickets are required - reserve now!

Recipes From the Art Studios

Want to encourage the creative process at home? Download our made-in-the-art-studio recipes!

Museum Hours

Wednesday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
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