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Art Studios

The Art Studios is currently closed.

The Art Studios features endless ways for children to have fun, try something new, get messy, and explore creativity! This exhibit space, open all day, offers children the chance to try out a wide range of hands-on art activities. Explore all of the Art Studio’s offerings:


Tactile Table

Our expansive tactile table offers a rotating selection of kinetic sand activations. Kids can become paleontologists in Dino Dig, expert bakers in Cake Making, and gardeners extraordinaire in Zen Garden.


Painting Wall

Kids can cover the walls in colorful creations in this section of the Art Studios.


Rotating Exhibit

Each month, this section of the Art Studios transforms into a new collaborative project. Past exhibits include Ghost Town, Tiny Camping, Sticker Space, and Galaxy Painting. View our programs calendar to see this month’s rotating exhibit.


Rotating Projects

Kids can take time to focus on making unique creations in this section of the Art Studios. Past projects include Gel Crayon Painting, Metal Embossing, and Book Collage. View our programs calendar to see this month’s rotating project.


Reading Corner and Everbrite

Our newest addition to the Art Studios, the Everbrite, invites kids to create a pattern on our light-up wall, visualizing their creativity on the digital scale! Need some quiet time? Relax in the reading corner with a book.

Art Studios programs are included in regular price of admission. Purchase tickets online to enter through the member line!

Tickets are valid every day except Goblin Jamboree and they never expire!

Looking for more ways to experience art at BADM? Drop into a daily program!

Art Programs:
Children (ages 3 and up) explore various artistic techniques and media like photography, embroidery, watercolors, printmaking, sculpture, collage, and more at our daily drop-in programs.View our programs calendar to see this month’s drop-in Art Program.

Toddler Pop-Up Programs:
Even the youngest minds can engage in creative learning! BADM’s Toddler Pop-Ups are designed specifically so our youngest visitors can grow their curiosity through creative play.View our programs calendar to see this week’s Toddler Pop-Up programs.

Ways to Guide Your Child’s Learning:

Every creative art experience at BADM encourages children to engage with BADM’s seven, research-backed learning goals. Created by leaders from our research and advisory division, these learning goals speak to what children are able to gain from visiting our site.

Check out the signage on display at each program and throughout the Art Studios to see how children can participate in art programs to build STEM knowledge, Take Risks, Persist Through Challenge, and more!

Recipes From the Art Studios

Want to encourage the creative process at home? Download our made-in-the-art-studio recipes!

What's Happening at BADM?

New programs, special exhibits, and more.

4 Tips to Enjoy the Art Studios

Help your child get the most out of their experience in BADM's Art Studios.

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We are located at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito.

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