Lookout Cove – Bay Area Discovery Museum

Lookout Cove

Children of all ages are invited to play and explore in Lookout Cove, our 2.5-acre outdoor exhibit featuring natural elements and iconic Bay Area landmarks!

This exhibit space, open all day, encourages imaginative play and outdoor discovery. Plan your visit to Lookout Cove!


Museum Hours

Wednesday - Sunday 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Fishing Boat and Shipwreck

Our new boat, Faith, is open! Children can play and explore on this life-sized fishing boat and along the hull of the shipwreck.

Plan Your Visit

We are located at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in Sausalito.


Expansive Trails

Families can hike along the winding trails for incredible views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay.

What's Happening at BADM?

New programs, special exhibits, and more.

This Month at BADM

Sea Caves and Tide Pools

Make-believe and creative play are encouraged in these play structures designed to replicate those of the nearby coast.


Crow’s Nest

To keep lookout over the Bay, kids can scale the rope ladder and climb into the Crow’s Nest.


Gravel Pits

Children can dig for treasure using excavators and sand tools in the gravel pit.

Much More!
Come see for yourself all of the ways to explore and play in this expansive outdoor exhibit.

Lookout Cove is included in the price of admission. Purchase tickets online to enter through the member line!

Tickets are valid every day except Goblin Jamboree and they never expire!

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