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Pop-Up Programs

Programs are led by Museum Educators and give children a chance to discover a new interest, dive deeper into something they love, and have fun exploring early learning concepts.

Pop-Up Programs give children a chance to grow their curiosity through energetic play. Two different types of Pop-Up Programs cater to two different age groups, so all children can safely explore.
Visit our programs calendar to view all scheduled Pop-Up Programs.

All of our daily programs are free for members and included in Museum Admission.

Even the youngest minds can engage in creative learning! BADM’s Toddler Pop-Ups are designed specifically so our youngest visitors can grow their curiosity for STEM topics through creative play.

Check our monthly calendar for information on when Toddler Pop-Up Programs are scheduled, and head to Tot Spot once you’re on-site. Themes vary and include:

Grow Your Garden: Toddlers engage in imaginary play to rehearse the routine of growing plants and maintaining a garden.

Musical Motion: Through movement and music, toddlers explore rhythm, patterns, and how to collaborate with others.

Balls and Ramps: Toddlers and their adults build and test using balls and ramps of different sizes, shapes, and textures.

Mirror Play: Children play with mirrors of various shapes and sizes to explore reflections of tiny objects, light, and themselves.

Light Box: Toddlers play with light and transparent and mirrored materials for an activity focused on sensory exploration.

Wind Tunnel: Children use tools like fans and pinwheels to play with the way wind and air create movement.

Nature Potions: Children combine natural materials with water to create their own nature potions.

Spray Bottle Painting: Using spray bottles filled with liquid watercolor, children use their imagination and creativity to make a collaborative art piece.

Mud Kitchen: Get messy! Children engage in imaginary play to make mud pies, cakes, and more.

Clay Pot: Toddlers explore texture and form by building with clay and other natural materials.

Pop-Ups get kids moving! Through energetic play—like completing our DIY Obstacle Course or drawing with Jumbo Chalk—children are able to grow their curiosity in an informal setting.

Check our monthly calendar for information on when Pop-Up Programs are scheduled. Themes vary and include:

Bubble Boppin’: Children are challenged to create bubbles of all shapes and sizes using various bubble-blowing tools.

Move It, Shake It: Children experiment with sound and movement using instruments, music, and their bodies.

Puzzlers: Children use a variety of colored blocks to make patterns and new geometric shapes in a large, interactive puzzle.

Tops: Children explore angular motion through different kinds of spinning tops.

Stomp Rockets:Children have a fun and explosive experience while demonstrating cause and effect using Stomp Rockets.

Pop Up Shop: Children engage in imaginary play and use pretend currency to make purchases, practicing math skills like addition and subtraction.

Hexbug Mazes: Children play with a vibrating robot and explore its motion and functionality as they build mazes for it to engage with.

Worm Dig: Children investigate the concept of vermicomposting and learn about how worms help decompose organic materials.

DIY Obstacle Course: Children plan and participate in an obstacle course involving gross motor and sensory activities.

Jumbo Chalk: Children use stencils to make designs on the pavement using chalk of various sizes.

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