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Discover how to bring BADM's hands-on programs to your library!
Offerings and Booking Information:

STEM Workshops at Your Library

Bring STEM to life for your visitors! During STEM Workshops, dynamic BADM educators lead a hands-on, multisensory exploration of STEM content. These workshops are held inside and require 3-4 tables.

Availability: Monday – Saturday
Timing: 60 minute workshop
Target Ages: 3-8
Group Size: 30 children and their caregivers
Price: $335 per session (includes $35 mileage fee); mileage fee waived if multiple programs are booked for the same day by one library system

STEM Workshop Topics:

Bridge Builders

Engineers engage directly with the engineering design process, as they work collaboratively and independently to explore, build, and try out bridges, then make them even better!

Age Group            3-6
Content Area      Engineering

Fairy Tale Engineering

Engineers engage directly with the engineering design process as they work collaboratively to solve problems for beloved fairy tale characters.

Age Group           4-8
Content Area      Engineering

Push, Pull, Crash

Scientists experiment with push and pull to cause and avoid collisions, create art, and engage in exploration of the powers of force and friction.

Age Group           4-8
Content Area      Physical Science

Measurement and Me

Mathematicians compare, contrast, count, and measure as they investigate how tall, long, wide, and heavy things are in the world around them.

Age Group           3-6
Content Area      Math

Light and Shadow

Designers gain a deeper knowledge of light and its ability to move through different materials by designing their own shadow puppets using high-tech tools.

Age Group 4-8

Content Area Physical Science, Technology

Ten in My Toolbox

Mathematicians engage with a rich variety of activities to strengthen their understanding of the composition and decomposition of the number 10.

Age Group           3-6
Content Area      Math

Stretch It, Shape It, Grow It

Neuroscientists learn about their amazing brains! Through story, movement, discussion, and creative activities, students learn how practice, taking risks, and making mistakes are important for tackling new challenges.

Age Group           4-8
Content Area     Life Science

Bring our engineering-lab-on-wheels to your branch! Children will take risks, try new ideas, and build creative problem-solving skills as they explore engineering using BADM’s “Think, Make, Try,” design process. These programs can occur outdoors, or in a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, and are great for summer reading kick-offs and other special events.

Availability: Monday – Saturday

Timing: 120 minute workshop

Target Ages: 5-10

Group Size:

Sampler Program is best suited for 40-70 children and their caregivers.

*Our Festival Program is best suited for 60-130 children and their caregivers.


* Our Sampler Program (5 stations) $550

* Our Festival Program (8 stations) $800

Try It Truck Programs at Your Library

Try it Truck Program Offerings (ages 5 – 10):

Try It Truck Sampler:

Engineers get a taste of the “Think, Make, Try” engineering design process as they solve challenges using diverse materials and several key tools, including a hand tool and the laser cutter.

Try It Truck Festival:

Engineers dig into the “Think, Make, Try” engineering design process through challenges related to movement and transportation. Participants will learn about diverse materials, build and try out prototypes and get first-hand experience with a variety of tools, including hand tools and high-tech tools.

BADM is currently booking library programs through August 31, 2019.

To book a BADM program for your library branch or system, please contact our School and Community Programs team at

Be sure to describe your program request including best dates and times for your branch(es). A member of our team will get back to you within one week.

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Community Programs

Our educators travel to various Bay Area events and libraries to provide hands-on engineering experiences for children ages 5-10 through STEM Workshops and the Try It Truck. Events are free for participants unless noted.

Check back soon for upcoming dates.

Try It Truck Case Study

Read our case study on the development and testing of the Try It Truck. Read full case study.

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