Lottie the Otter – Bay Area Discovery Museum

Lottie the Otter

Science Theater - A New BADM Field Trip Experience

A co-production of BADM and The Train Theater

Lottie the Otter needs your help!

Dive ‘underwater’ to meet Lottie the Otter and her river friends! This new BADM school program is a fresh spin on environmental sciences and ecosystems. This one-of-a-kind workshop turns students into problems solvers when they identify the problem and design a solution for Lottie. BADM educators use shadow puppetry to lead the exploration of light and shadow, adding depth to this learning experience. Designed for Kindergarten - 3rd Grade. 

Registration is now open for Spring 2022! Book for your class now, or refer this program to your child's teacher!

BADM Workshops Return This Spring

BADM's unique location in Fort Baker at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge and trained educators provide a field trip experience like no other. Book Science Theater for your students or your child's class to take discovery out of the classroom.

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