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Face Covering Tips

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Face Covering Tips for Toddlers

We know wearing a face covering can be challenging so we created a list of things we have seen work at the museum, in our preschool, and for our staff’s families. 

Ways to prepare your child:

  • Practice wearing a face covering at home for short amounts of time, preferably while doing something else fun and distracting like playing a favorite game or watching a show.
  • Find a book: 
    • Lucy’s Mask by Lisa Sirkis Thompson
    • Smiling From Ear to Ear: Wearing Masks While Having Fun by Kaitlyn Chu
    • Let’s Talk About Masks: A Children’s Book and Conversation Starter for Parents by Sara Jo Walker 
  • Children choose: Let your child pick their own face covering in fun patterns or colors. 
  • Dress up: Let them put a face covering on their favorite doll or stuffed animal 
  • Incentives: Small things like stickers can help motivate them to keep on their mask 
  • Modelling: Point out other adults and children in face covering when you are out 
  • Take a Break: Let your child know that if they need a face covering break at the museum, they can step outside and explore our outdoor exhibits.

Thank you for helping us keep Bay Area Discovery Museum a safe place to visit!

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