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Hoop de Hoop

Work as a team to pass a hula-hoop around the circle without unlinking hands. This group activity helps children practice communication, collaboration, and problem solving.

Materials Required

  • 1 or 2 hula-hoops


  1. Participants form a circle and hold hands.
  2. Two people let go and re-link hands through a hula-hoop.
  3. Without unlinking hands, pass the hula-hoop around the circle in one direction and make it back to where it started. Be careful not to yank on arms while holding hands.

Additional Tips

Try this add-on activity:

  • Use two hoops and send them in opposite directions, so they must cross at one point. It helps if the hoops are different colors.

Links to Creativity

This activity asks children to be flexible with their bodies, and to be flexible with another person in their personal space. Children will need to work together and communicate to bend and pass the hula-hoop. Finding and solving problems are important components of the creative process, because without a problem worth solving, creativity isn’t necessary.

Supporting research includes:

Getzels, J. W. (1975). Problem-finding and the inventiveness of solutions. The Journal of Creative Behavior9(1), 12-18.

Runco, M. A. (Ed.). (1994). Problem finding, problem solving, and creativity. Norwood, NJ: Greenwood Publishing Group.


This activity was contributed by the Center for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. ©2015 Bay Area Discovery Museum. It was inspired by an activity used by The Outdoor School at Camp Champions. For more information and resources seeCenterforChildhoodCreativity.org, CampChampions.com, and ACACamps.org.

Hoop de Hoop

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