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Walk the Talk

Act silly and walk across a room like a specific animal! This collaborative group activity allows children to see the world from a new perspective, which can spark creativity.

Materials Required

No materials needed.


  1. List at least three animals that walk or run. For example a caterpillar, a crab, and a giraffe.
  2. Move across the room as each of those three animals and imagine the room
as it would seem to this animal.
  3. Reflect and share. Consider these questions:
  • How did you move your body differently to match an animal movement?
  • How does crossing the room this way give you a different perspective?
  • Does walking like a caterpillar allow you to look up at things that you are used to looking
down upon? What else about the way a caterpillar walks is different from the way you walk?

Additional Tips

Try these add-on activities:

  • Make a new list of animals, including imaginary creatures such as dragons. Play the activity with imaginary creatures.
  • Add a descriptive adjective to each animal, such as clumsy, serious, or busy. For example, a clumsy crab. Try to match both the physical animal and its personality as you act it out.

Links to Creativity

Sometimes all it takes is a new perspective to spark creativity. If we remain open to new and challenging experiences, we can develop new perspectives. Also, participating in unusual or unexpected events can cause us to be more flexible in our thinking, allowing us to be more creative.

Supporting research includes:

McCrae, R. R. (1987). Creativity, divergent thinking, and openness to experience. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 52(6), 1258-1265.

Ritter, S. M., Iona Damian, R., Simonton, D. K., van Baaren, R. B., Strick, M., Derks, J., & Dijksterhuis, A. (2012). Diversifying experiences enhance cognitive flexibility. Journal of Experimental Psychology, 48(4), 961-964.


This activity was contributed by the Center for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. For more information and resources see CenterforChildhoodCreativity.org.

©2014 Bay Area Discovery Museum.

Walk the Talk

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