Thank You for Your Support – Bay Area Discovery Museum

Learning Behind the Fun

In the last 10 months of your BADM membership, we hope you had fun getting to know the museum, making memories with your family, and watching your child grow and play! While your child was exploring their favorite exhibits and programs, they were also developing critical learning skills.

BADM's early education expert dives into the learning that happens every day at Bay Hall and Drop-In Programs. Watch now!

We hope you have enjoyed your visits to BADM and want to remind you that you only have 2 months left of your BADM membership.

Don't miss a moment of membership!

You still have 2 months of your membership, but you can renew today without losing a minute of membership. We'll add the next 12 months of membership on the day you expire. Plus, you’ll get a free month of membership added on!

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