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Marble Falls

Work as a team to move a marble from Point A to Point B, allowing the marble to only touch PVC piping. This group activity helps children practice problem solving and collaboration skills.

Materials Required

  • A marble
  • PVC pipes


  1. Choose an activity leader. The leader passes out pieces of PVC pipe to each player.
  2. Decide on a starting point (Point A) and a finishing point (Point B). Move the marble from Point A to Point B using only the pieces of pipe.


  • Work together to move the marble from Point A to Point B.
  • Every piece of PVC pipe must be used.
  • Each team member has to be involved in some way.
  • The marble can never touch the ground. If it does, start again at point A.

Additional Tips

Try these add-on activities:

  • After completing the activity successfully, take away a few pieces of PVC pipe and try the activity again.
  • Choose a longer distance to move the marble.

Links to Creativity

This activity cannot be done alone, children will need to work together. Collaboration with other people is a creative act itself, and how we work with others can be just as important as how we work with our materials. Sometimes, when we think we have a great idea or solution, we may not realize that collaboration can be a more powerful contribution to creativity than competing against someone else’s idea simply because it is not our own.

Supporting research includes:

Glăveanu, V. P. (2011). How are we creative together? Comparing sociocognitive and sociocultural     answers. Theory & Psychology21(4), 473-492.

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This activity was contributed by the Center for Childhood Creativity at the Bay Area Discovery Museum. ©2015 Bay Area Discovery Museum. It was inspired by an activity used by The Outdoor School at Camp Champions. For more information and resources see,, and

Marble Falls

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