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Talking with Children about Current Events

Discussing Big Topics with Children

Talking to children about big topics is challenging, especially when difficult subjects like violence are brought up in response to current events and tragedies. At Bay Area Discovery Museum, we want to share our resources to support our community of parents, caregivers and educators in navigating these topics with their children.

The resources below are meant to empower you to have an open dialogue with your children, answer questions about what they are seeing in the world today and participate in changes that will lead to a more equitable and just world for all.


LGBTQ+ Community and Gender Identity:

Tips for Adults:

Monitor your child’s play, behavior and questions to understand what might be on their minds and how they are feeling.

Ask Questions
If your child indicates they have overheard or seen something related to the tragedy or news, ask them questions. This gives you the opportunity to meet them where they are and allows their understanding to guide the conversation.

Don't Avoid the Topic
Research demonstrates that giving children clear, developmentally appropriate information about challenging topics, instead of avoiding them calms their anxiety. A willingness to share openly provides understanding and reassurance, rather than leaving it to their imagination.

Remind your child that the adults in their life are protecting them.

Be Open
Let your child know they can always come to you with questions. It’s okay to not have all the answers and say, “I wonder about that, too” or “I’m not sure, I’ll let you know what I learn.”

Additional Resources:

Race and Racial Identity
Supporting the Asian American and Pacific Islander Community:
Communicating About COVID-19

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