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Why STEM Superheroes?

We’re giving you the inside scoop on the reasoning behind our favorite festival.

The Bay Area Discovery Museum launched its STEM Superhero Festival Series in 2016 as a way to give kids an opportunity to engage with important science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) learning concepts in a setting that is fun and unique. Parents who come to BADM during these weekends will be able to introduce their kids to experiences that get them excited about learning, help them discover new interests, and encourage them to think about STEM in creative ways.

Research shows that children will need STEM skills to function in a changing world, and so the festival series has become an even more critical touchpoint of the work we do. STEM isn’t just used in a lab or by an engineer—it’s everywhere, and all children will need STEM knowledge for their futures. Recent findings from the Center for Childhood Creativity—BADM’s research division—show that children ages 0-10 are not getting enough exposure to STEM-based lessons, and the experiences they do have are not starting early enough.

"STEM isn’t just used in a lab or by an engineer—it’s everywhere, and all children will need STEM knowledge for their futures."

The STEM experiences that children have in their first decade of life shape how they develop the creativity, collaboration, and persistence they’ll use when tackling the challenges of their dynamic world. We hold STEM Superheroes every year to give parents and caregivers an opportunity to support the STEM learning their children need to reach their full potential.

By bringing your kids to each of this year’s themed events, you’re giving them a chance to hear new science vocabulary and solve innovative challenges using the engineering design process. At STEM Superheroes, you’ll find ways to show them that math means more than simple addition and that technology means more than screens and smartphones. Infants and toddlers will be able to discover and grow their inherent curiosity for STEM in developmentally appropriate ways, while older children are encouraged to get hands-on with these concepts in a manner that’s uniquely interesting and relevant for them.

Each year when we start planning the STEM Superheroes festivals, we make sure to include something for everyone because we know STEM learning is something that every child needs. The experiences we create make it fun and engaging for you and your family to explore these concepts together!

STEM Superhero Festival 2019
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