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Daily Programs

As part of our robust outdoor experience, BADM is offering six creative activities for your family to enjoy! Each activity encourages fun and safe play so families can learn and explore together.

BADM programs (included in admission) engage children in research-backed fun through active programs, imaginative art projects, and design challenges.

Each program is influenced research-backed learning goals. As children engage in different activities, parents are supported to identify these moments of creative development. BADM learning goals were created by early learning experts in BADM’s in-house research department.

All programs are subject to change due to weather or staffing. Check the on-site programs calendar for the most up-to-date schedule!

Browse daily programs below!

Regular Hours

Wednesday - Sunday: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Member Hour: 9 - 10 a.m.
Closed Monday - Tuesday

Build Challenge

Engineer your own fun! Children will tackle building challenges after checking out a personal building kit. 


Dance Party

Hop, skip, and twirl on the shapes and to the beat. Children will have the chance to get active and creative as they demonstrate their dance skills.


Mud Kitchen

Whip up mud cakes, cookies, pies and more tasty treats using real cooking equipment in our outdoor Mud Kitchen.


Find Buddy!

Buddy the Butterfly spends his days flying around BADM looking for flowers to pollinate and meeting new friends. Follow download the Find Buddy Map and follow the clues to find Buddy and favorite spots at BADM.


Instrument Walk

Pick up a mallet and see what sounds you can make as you navigate a path of large-scale instruments including drums, xylophones, and more.  


Obstacle Course

Get active in BADM’s outdoor obstacle course. Children will be challenged to balance, run, crawl, and move their bodies in creative ways to navigate the course.


Paint Our Village

Creativity takes a village! Children will paint details on kid-sized houses in BADM’s mini village.


Spray Bottle Painting

Think outside the brush, and grab a spray bottle instead. Create a unique spray bottle painting on a giant canvas, and watch as it becomes part of a collaborative masterpiece.

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