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Local Artist Spotlight

At Local Artist Spotlight, children explore a specific artistic technique through a project inspired by a Bay Area artist in a small-group, workshop setting. Under the guidance of the artist and BADM staff, children leave the class with an introduction to a new style of art along with the piece they worked on.

This class is free for BADM members and included in regular price of museum admission.

No September Local Artist Spotlight
Due to to Closed Weeks on September 10 – 21, there will be no Local Artist Spotlight in September.

October Local Artist Spotlight information coming soon!


Previous Artists

August 2018: Wednesday Kirwan | Paint the Night Sky

July 2018: Maivy Nguyen | Ceramic Etching

June 2018: Molly McGrath | Children pieced together laser cut mosaic designs

April 2018: Kija Lucas | Children experimented with photography collages.

March 2018: Keeley McSherry | Children designed their own screen-printed banner to take home.

February 2018: Meghan Shimek | Children created their own DIY Pom-Poms.

January 2018: K.J. Scribbles | Children created their own wool felt characters using wet felting techniques.

December 2017: Alexis Arnold | Children explored the effects of moiré patterns and created their own, inspired by her work.

November 2017: Cristina Victor | Children collaborated to create a large-scale flag, inspired by her textile work.

October 2017: Joyce Nojima | Children participated in a large-scale web installation in Art Studio C.

Images by Michael McSherry – Local Artist Spotlight Workshop and Chris Fraser – photograph © Kija Lucas.